Dog hotel

You are planning a trip to unwind for a while but you are not sure how your dog might fare without you? Maybe the idea of a temporary stay in a dog hotel has crossed your mind and you’re wondering if it’s the right fit for you. The following article summarises some key issues to consider when you are thinking of using a dog hotel and redirects you to more detailed information about some of its essential facets.

What is a dog hotel?

A dog hotel is a place to leave your dog in your absence. There are many all across the country, ranging from standard to luxurious, like a normal hotel.

Your dog will be left in the care of caretakers similar to a short hotel stay. Dogs are looked after by trained staff who take them out for walks and play games with them. Some places also offer a range of services and activities to help dogs settle in and keep them entertained.

Due to the large variety in the typoe of dog hotels and the services that they offer, it is hard to provide an avarage dog hotel price. However, luxury dog hotels can charge prices of over $100 per day. On average, however, the price is around $18 per day per dog. Some facilities offer discounted rates for boarding that lasts at least a week or for boarding several dogs at the same time. On top of the daily rate, you’ll probably have to pay for adds-on such as extra walks, activities or services like grooming.

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How to choose a dog hotel near you

The first thing you need to make sure is whether your dog will be happy staying in a hotel. Not all dogs are fine with being around other dogs. It goes without saying that you should only leave your dog in the care of people that you trust: the nearest dog hotel might not be the best option!

Your dog’s safety should be your first priority, it is therefore recommended to carefully consider the place that fits your pet’s needs best. Do as much research as you can and visit the hotel before you make the final decision.

Find out if the facilities are all up to date regarding laws and regulations and that they follow a strict safety policy. Take a look around and find out where your dog will be spending most of its time. Are the areas secured against escapes? Your dog should feel safe and happy in its new environment.

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A dog hotel is not sutiable for all dogs. He might not be social enough, or his medical condition does not allow it. Luckily, there are various alternatives to a dog hotel for you to choose from.

Dog friendly hotels

In this day and age, more and more "human" hotels are offering the possibility to take pets along. This is especially convenient for dog owners who couldn't imagine a vacation without their four-legged best friend anyway. If you want to use a dog-friendly hotel, make sure to do your research in advance about the hotel's policies and canine accommodations.

Ask friends and family

This is often the least stressful option for your dog as he will be taken care of by someone he already knows and trusts. Furthermore, it is usually considerably cheaper than booking a professional dog sitting service. In any case, you want to leave your four-legged friend in the hands of someone you fully trust.

Professional pet sitting services

When friends or family are unavailable, pet sitting services are the perfect solution. Holidog, for example, offers dog sitting services all over the world. Dog sitting with a pet sitter offers a great advantage over dog hotels because it doesn’t require your dog to move. It can stay in its familiar environment and patiently wait for your return while you enjoy your trip, your mind at ease.

At Holidog you will find a pet sitter for all budgets. There are many dog sitters near you who would love to take care of your four-legged friend while you’re away. To filter by budget, simply enter your postal code on our website search and select your ideal dog sitter based on the prices that are displayed on their profiles.

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