Dog Sitting

You’re planning on going away for a few days or a few weeks and are getting concerned about who will take care of your dog. Have you ever considered leaving your dog to the care of an experienced dog sitter? That could be just the right solution.

Dog sitting services

Dog sitting is comprised of a handful of services designated to help you take care of your dog when you cannot do it yourself. They are provided by individuals or specialised companies depending on what you need. In this article, we will go over the main ones: dog walking, dos sitting at home or with a host family, dog kennel and dog daycare.

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Dog sitting in the owner´s home

While some dogs are fine boarding with other dogs in a kennel, staying for a while with another family or spending time in a dog daycare, some just aren’t or can’t. This can be the case for territorial dogs, dogs with medical conditions or dogs in heat or pregnant. Luckily, there is a pet sitting solution when this happens: dog sitting in the owner’s home.

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Dog sitting with a host family

A good alternative to kennels, boarding your dog with a host family offers your dog a homely environment while you’re away. Holidog makes it easy for you to connect with pet sitters near you and find the perfect host family for your dog.

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Search and chat for free with pet sitters near you. Unlimited. No subscription required!

Dog sitting prices

Prices vary depending on your location, the size of your dog and the number of days you need a dog sitter for. The level of experience of the dog sitter can also influence the price. But don’t worry! Our pet sitters’ rates are displayed on their profile so you can easily choose the person who matches your expectations and fits your budget.

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Dog sitting services near me

Take your time and think carefully: you’re after all choosing the person who will ensure the well-being and safety of your dog during your absence. With Holidog, finding a dog sitter near you has never been easier. We carefully review all applicants and only select pet sitters we know will provide the best possible care. All details (rates, level of experience, reviews) are displayed and accessible to you in just a few clicks.

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Dog sitting jobs

Do you genuinely love pets? Do you have some free time? Are you looking to earn extra money? If you’ve answered yes to all questions, then why not become a dog sitter with Holidog? To get started, please visit our website and create a profile. Once reviewed and approved, you’ll be able to get your first dog sitting job.

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