Dog hotel near me

Leaving your dog behind when you have to be away is never easy. Dog hotels are a great dog sitting option as they are dedicated to accommodating dogs and taking care of their well-being while their owners are away.

Finding a facility near you

Finding a facility near where you live can definitely make things easier. But there are lots of things to think about when you’re leaving your dog in a dog hotel, from preparing its toys and checking that its vaccinations are up to date to buying enough food for the whole stay. The last thing you want is to have to drive for a long time.

Internet search

You can find a hotel for dogs near you easily with a simple Internet search. Depending on where you live, you should find facilities offering standard boarding as well as luxurious ones.

A recommendation of someone you trust can help you find the best place near you. Check with friends and family that have used a similar service before. Ask around at the park where other people walk their dog, at your agility group if you attend one, or even in local shops.

Your vet may be able to recommend a facility near you he personally knows or advises as to the basic comfort requirements your dog needs, such as the size of the crate or the level of physical activity.

How to prepare

Before choosing a dog hotel for your four-legged companion, it is important to do enough research so that you feel comfortable with your decision. To choose the best boarding dog hotel, you need to visit them. The nearest place is not necessarily the best suited. Dog hotels need to be maintained, clean and odourless. Not all dog hotels are equal.

You also need to discuss everything you feel the staff should know about your dog. Some centres also require dogs to be vaccinated against kennel cough as a precautionary measure. Your dog also needs to be fully wormed and free from fleas.


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Know your dog’s needs

Not all dogs are fine with being around other dogs. Likewise, hotels may not be the best pet sitting option for dogs with disabilities or special needs. You should also talk about the rates and make sure the price includes all that you want to be included.

If your dog has a medical condition or has special health requirements, don’t forget to discuss it in detail before the boarding starts. Dog hotel staff can give medication but you will have to give a copy of the prescription and write down clear instructions (drugs, dosage, etc.) And no matter how used to dog hotels your dog is, it’s always best to bring a few things to help him settle.

What about the costs?

Dog hotel costs can vary greatly based on the services they provide, making it hard to provide an accurate average price per night. The prices of dog boarding dog hotels depend on where you live, your dog’s size, the level of comfort he needs and sometimes, the time of year. On average, the price is $18 per day per dog. Some extra costs may come on top of the daily rate, such as food or extra walks.


Although dog hotels are more expensive than in-home dog sitting or boarding your dog with a family, it helps you make sure that your pet will be taken care of by trained professionals. Boarding your dog in a dog hotel near you is a good pet sitting arrangement if your dog is healthy and sociable, but there are alternatives. A dog-friendly hotel is one of them.

Friends and family

Before turning to pet sitting services, it is always a good idea to consider friends and family. One of the options available to dog owners who don’t have the possibility or don’t want to bring their dog to a dog hotel is to ask friends and family for support for the period of your absence. This will usually be cheaper than booking a professional dog sitting service and can be beneficial to your dog.

Pet sitting services

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