Hotel for dogs

Booking a vacation as a dog owner can be tricky since it’s often difficult or plainly impossible to take your dog along on the trip. But in this day and age, thankfully there are many possibilities to guarantee a great vacation for you and your dog alike.

Facilities such as kennels and dog hotels offer solutions to pet owners who have to leave their pets for a few days and nights and allow them peace of mind during their travels.

How do hotels for dogs work?

In recent years, more and more dog hotels have opened all across the country offering solutions to pet owners who are absent from home for more than just a day or a night. The simple concept allows you to drop off your dog at the hotel and pick it up once you have returned.

Your dog will be left in the care of caretakers similar to a short hotel stay. They usually consist of one or several buildings surrounded by an outdoor space. Dogs are hosted in cages or crates though upscale facilities might even offer private rooms.

Choosing a dog hotel

How to choose a dog hotel near me? It is always advisable to pay a visit to the facilities of the hotel and to make sure that they are up to standard. Your dog has to feel comfortable in its temporary home so ask to see the areas where it will be sleeping and eating. Although those facilities must have a license to operate, not all of them are equal when it comes to cleanliness, space and activity.

Take a look around and find out where your dog will be spending most of its time. Are the areas secured against escapes? Your dog should feel safe and happy in its new environment. If you already know that your dog doesn’t like to move or has a hard time dealing with other pets, a hotel might not be the best solution.


Luxury hotels for dogs can charge prices of over $100 per day. On average, the price is $18 per day and per dog. Most places offer a discount when booking for one week and more. You can also benefit from reduced rates if several dogs stay at the hotel at the same time.


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While dog hotels are a great option for some dogs, others might not be so happy about a stay away from home. But don’t worry, there are alternatives available! Dog-friendly hotels are one of them.

If you can’t or don’t want to book a hotel for your dog during your absence, there are other options available. The easiest and cheapest possibility is to ask friends and family for help. A good friend or family member might even already know your pet and doesn’t need instructions to get along in your house.

Asking a friend or family member has the added benefit of usually being free. You still have to make sure that you prepare your absence well: just because someone knows your pet and might even play with it often, does not mean that that person is also capable of taking care of him.

Using a pet sitting company

In recent years, many companies have developed professional pet sitting services for pet owners in need. Holidog, the number one in Australia, allows you to find someone to take care of your dog during your absence in just a few clicks. Dog sitting is preferable to dog hotel because your dog can continue to enjoy the comfort of its home while waiting for you to return.

Finding reliable pet sitters in your area has never been easier with Holidog. Visit our website, enter your postal code and browse through the list of registered dog sitters near you. We take pride in carefully selecting our dog sitters to offer the best quality of services and ensure your dog’s safety.

We verify each and every profile manually before publication to ensure our quality and security standards.Our dog sitters display their prices, reviews and experience on their profile to make it easy for you to select the person that you like best and who matches your expectations and fits your budget.

Once you have the results, you can go on comparing the rates and read the reviews left by other pet owners. As a rule of thumb, always get in touch with your potential pet sitter before booking. You need to be 100% sure that you’re happy to leave your dog to the care of this person.

If all is fine, then place your booking. You can arrange for him/her to come and meet your dog before you leave. The first meet and greet is a good way to turn a complete stranger into a more familiar face.

The Holivet guarantee covers your animal at 100% in case of an accident.

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