Dog boarding options

Something unexpected popped up and you have to go away for a couple of days. Or you have planned to go on holiday but can’t take your dog with you. You’re now faced with a question that many pet owners ask themselves: who can look after my dog? Luckily, there are several great solutions for you and your dog out there. But which one is the best for your pet? Boarding in your own home? With a host family? A kennel? Friends or family?

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Who can board my dog?

Do you want to have someone take care of your dog while you’re away? That’s an excellent idea. It’s a very flexible dog sitting solution and has lots of benefits compared with kennels. You might, however, wonder who can board your dog? A friend? Family member? Dog sitter?

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Dog boarding near me

For some people, the number 1 criteria is to find a pet sitting solution near where they live. The internet makes it easy these days to locate all the facilities in your area, whether you are looking for boarding your dog with a friend, a kennel or a dog sitter.

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In-home dog boarding

Rather than leaving your dog at a dog kennel or with a host family, you’d want to have it be looked after in your own home. Dog boarding at home is a great solution as it allows your four-legged companion to stay within its territory and stick to its routines. Bear in mind that some precautions are necessary so that your absence is dealt with in the best possible way both for you and your dog.

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Dog boarding with a host family

Having your dog stay with a host family is a good in-between solution when dog boarding at home isn’t possible and dog kennels just aren’t right for either of you. Boarding your dog at the pet sitter’s home is the best way to make sure that your dog is taken care of well while you’re away.

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Dog boarding with relatives

You don’t want to board your dog at a kennel while you’re away? Using a host family doesn’t feel right and you don’t want to have someone you don’t know come into your home to look after him? Then why not ask your family for help? Asking a close family member for help has several advantages. First, you know the person and that always makes things easier when it comes to having someone live in your house when you’re away. Chances are that your dog knows this person well so he won’t be too upset or anxious.

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Dog boarding in a kennel

Dog kennels are handy when you can’t have a pet sitter come to look after your pet at home or if no relatives can help you out. You can find this type of facility in any area. They cater to all budgets and range from the most basic services to the most luxurious perks. In case you are considering using a dog kennel to board your dog, you might wonder how much it costs and what you important things you should keep in mind.

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Dog boarding costs

The prices for the various dog boarding options out there vary greatly. The costs for dog boarding depend, amongst other things, on you location, the service that you are looking for, the duration and type of dog.

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Dog boarding license

You would like to start pet sitting? Or maybe you have decided to start your own dog boarding business? That’s a great idea! Maybe you are already all set up to welcome pets into your home, but you are wondering if it’s actually as easy as it sounds. Are there legal requirements for dog boarding? In general, a licence is needed for when you offer dog boarding in Australia as long as the service takes place in your home or in a place you own (or rent).

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