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It’s very simple: You can launch a search on the home page and send notifications to selected Petsitters. In order to contactPetsitters, we advise you to create an account by clicking SIGN UP on our homepage. Those who are interested in your request will respond to you via the Holidog messaging system in a timely manner. In order to increase your chances to find the right Petsitter, we advise you to notify as many Petsitters as you like – remember this is for FREE. We will also help you by notifying more Petsitters that match your search criteria if “Automatic Petsitter suggestions are turned ON” and in your account.

Yes. Holidog’s system allows you to notify and exchange messages with numerous Petsitters at the same time, but you can only book one for a chosen period.

It is possible to re-launch a search, select and book new Petsitter after meeting them prior to the designated assignment if the chosen Petsitter appears to be unsuitable.

Do not worry if you do not get answers immediately after launching your search. Petsitters check their accounts regularly and will reply within 24 hours maximum, usually the first answers come within the first few hours. If you do not get any answers after 24 hours, Try adding a few petsitters to your selection. If you need more details, visit our "help center" on the bottom right of your screen.
Creating an account and talking to the Petsitters on Holidog is free. Holidog will only ask for a payment when you want to confirm and book a Petsitter. This will enable you to meet the Petsitter in person before the sitting. Our prices are either fixed (see more details regarding our affordable subscriptions at PRICING .
Our subscription packages include unlimited bookings, so long as these are made during the subscription period. If you are having trouble finding someone, don't give up! Our team is here to help, so contact us on the our help center(at the bottom-right of the page on your computer). Type your question there, and if you can't find what you want, you will also be able to send our customer service a message from there!

At the end of this period, the subscription automatically renews. You can turn this function off at any time in your Holidog account. Simply go to your Profile, click on the Subscription button, and deactivate the automatic renewal.

N.B: This will not stop any ongoing subscription.

Once you have created your Holidog account, you can BOOK the Petsitter in the SEARCHES section of your profile. After this you will be asked to pay the Holidog fee online on a secure page by taking out one of our subscriptions. Once this is completed, we will send you their contact details so you can communicate directly.

At Holidog, we think it is fair to let the Petsitters decide their own rates. The price is directly related to their profile so that you can see how much you will be paying.

Here is how rates are displayed:

GoHoliday: the amount is the total price for the assignment and all pets.

GoNanny or Go Walk (just once): the amount is for all pets for the duration of the assignment.

GoNanny or GoWalk (regular): the amount is displayed for all pets per assignment.

GoSchool: The rates are displayed for all pets and per "class".

NOTE: The compensation (to be paid directly to the Petsitter) is on top of the Holidog fee (to be paid online to Holidog when booking the Petsitter).

Yes, of course. You can re-launch your search and find a second Petsitter if the first sitter you booked does not meet your requirements. Re-launch by going onto SEARCHES on your account and then to BOOKINGS. Our system allows you to notify the same Petsitters as before and/or you can select new ones. You will not be asked to pay again as you will already have paid the Holidog fee.
We advise you to give the Petsitter all the essentials; a lead, food, toys, bed, any medical paperwork/insurance details. We advise that you arrange any additional needs prior to the stay with the sitter through our online messaging service (e.g if your pet is on a special diet or medication).

Yes -- Holidog offers the optional HOLIVET guarantee which covers your pets in case of injuries during the assignment with a petsitter. For more information, please click here here.

Our overarching priority is your pet’s safety and happiness. Therefore, we have set up a rigorous validation process: When the Petsitters sign up, our advisors carefully review each profile and only accept profiles that meet the Holidog standards. Furthermore, we have put in place a feedback system for the Petsitters once the sittings are completed. You can browse through all client reviews which are designed to help you with your decision! f you change your mind about a selected Petsitter after the first meeting, you can always re-launch your search for free and let us know about any concerns you have!
If you need further help; explanation of our services or more information then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team. If you need further details, don't hesitate to check out our help center (CLICK HERE).
First of all, you will need to create a Petsitter account here. You will have to fill out a form with information regarding the surface area of your property, the type of services you would like to offer, whether there are animals or not at your house etc.. You will also need to write a detailed motivation of about 5-10 lines (the more the better), stating why you would like to join us and your experiences with animals. It would also be in your best interest to add a few photos, to gain a clients trust and to make your profile more appealing. Once your profile has been completed, our team will review it and, if needed let you know what to modify. Your account will then be activated.

“Petsitter” is a general term here for anyone taking care of animals (boarding, walking…). Each service on our website represents one aspect of it: GoHoliday (pet sitting for between a 2 to 30 day periodGoNanny (pet sitting for a few hours per day), GoWalk (for dog walking), GoSchool (for dog training, a certificate/diploma will be required).

You can have many services on the same account, which you will be able to notify from your SETTINGS on your account.

Holidog does not employ Petsitters, so they are free to choose their own hours, accept or decline notifications from clients. You can access and change your Holidog calendar in Settings in your profile. You can set your unavailability periods (holidays, hospitalisation…) in order to not receive notifications. This could however drop your response rate.

No. Clients initiate contact on Holidog by notifying Petsitters when they start a search. Once you receive a notification, you can accept or decline. Once accepted, you can chat with the client via your Holidog mailbox and discuss the assignment in more details. Make sure you can accept the assignment since cancelling after the booking could lead to the deletion of your account.

NOTE: If you decline a notification, you will not be able to chat with the client through this search. However, the client may try to contact you again when he launches a new search.

You can increase your visibility and appeal by adding pictures on your profile and crafting a persuasive motivation statement that enables clients to easily understand who you are and what your experience is.

You can also sign up as Premium Petsitter in order to increase your visibility and assignments(e.g. shown on top of the search results).

It depends on various factors (the attractiveness of your profile, number of pet owners looking for a Petsitter, number of Petsitters etc.). Once we have published your account, it is possible to get your first notifications within a couple of hours! To get noticed quicker, do not forget to upload pictures and write a detailed and personal motivation to make your profile more appealing!
Petsitters are directly paid by the clients, usually at the end of the assignment. Generally, it is up to you to discuss with the client how the payment should be handled.

Petsitters are directly paid by the clients, usually at the end of the assignment. Generally, it is up to you to discuss with the client how the payment should be handled.

At Holidog, we think it is only fair to let Petsitters decide on their own rates for the service they provide. The rates can be adjusted in the SETTINGS of the Petsitter’s profile. Remember it has to be done for each service (GoHoliday, GoSchool, GoNanny, GoWalk).

Default prices are set when an account is created, so do not forget to check and modify them if necessary. It will make sure clients will know your rates before selecting you.

Holidog has strict policies when it comes to its users’ data privacy: The clients will only know your first name and the information on your motivation. It will not be possible for them to simply find you from this information provided. Only when a client books you will he/she get more information: full name, email, phone number and address so that a meeting can be arranged before the assignment. NO OTHER INFORMATION WILL BE SHOWN TO THE CLIENTS.
When creating your account, you can choose the services you wish to offer and you can choose where the pet sitting should take place for each service (e.g. at your home or at the client’s place). It can be changed again at any moment in your SETTINGS.