Dog-friendly hotels

Planning vacations as a dog owner can be a challenge, especially when it’s not clear if you can take your four-legged companion along on the trip. Luckily, there is such a thing as dog-friendly hotels! But not all are the same and you should make sure that you really get what you’re bargaining for! Keep reading to learn about what to keep in mind when booking a vacation with your dog.

Dog-friendly hotels

As pets get more and more popular, a rising number of hotels allow their guests to take their furballs along. This way will not have to find a hotel for dogs and your companion can stay with you. Dog-friendly hotels can be found in almost every holiday location, however, their services regarding your pet might differ drastically. This can become apparent in the way you have to house your dog in the hotel to an extra fee the hotel may charge for a pet.

Before you start looking for a dog hotel, become aware of your requirements and make a list. It will be easier to check off each criterion when researching the hotel. Are you planning on spending the vacation exclusively with your pet or do you need the hotel to offer pet sitting services? Do you need a play area for your pup and do you want the hotel to allow your dog to sleep on your bed? Knowing what you need will facilitate your search of the perfect dog-friendly hotel.

Finding a dog friendly hotel

Make sure to research the hotel you want to book carefully and find out about their house rules regarding dogs. Some hotels have strict policies regarding your dog’s size, weight or the number of pets you can bring along.

During your stay, you might be required to follow a leash policy or to leave your dog in a dog hotel near you. Breaking these rules could result in a fine. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly research the location you want to vacation in. After all, the stay should be just as enjoyable for your pup as it is for you. Lastly, make sure that you get the policies in writing and not just on the phone.


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Prepare your stay

First, think about your absence ahead of time, if you are going away for a holiday. Nothing is more stressful than to have to find a good dog hotel just a few days before you leave. During the holiday season, some dog-friendly hotels might be fully booked. So start planning and preparing early!

Doggy suitcase

Pack your pet’s belongings: food, toys, comforters, basket, medication if needed, health records, etc. Don’t forget your dog’s favourite toy with a homey smell on it in order to reassure your companion during his first few days in a new environment.

Also, make sure that you know how to replace any of these items in a foreign hotel, just in case something breaks.

Security & health

Make sure that vaccinations are up to date and your dog is dewormed! You may even pay your vet a quick visit and have your dog weighted, so all of your dog’s documents can be updated. This is especially important if you’re planning on travelling abroad where a canine passport is always required. But regardless of your destination, it’s always a good idea to pack your dog’s passport and get it chipped before your departure.

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