Pet sitting at home

You have planned to go on holiday but can’t take your dog with you. You’re now faced with a question that many pet owners ask themselves: who can look after my dog? Find out about pet sitting at home!

What’s pet sitting?

A pet sitter is a perfect solution for pets that need care for a few days or even just during set hours of the day. There are options available for you if you’re considering a pet sitter for your dog or cat while you’re away. The trick is to find the one that works best for your dog and that fits your budget.

Pet sitting with a host family is not a ideal option for all pets, especially the less social type. For cats, who are highly territorial and do not adjust well to a new, unfamiliar environment, this is almost never a good option and can quickly lead to them running away. It is therefore that pet sitters offer the option to move into the home of the pet owner for the time that they are gone, enabling the pet to stay in his own territory.

Pet sitting at home

Pet sitters who offer pet sitting at your home are animal caretakers who visit your pet at home while you’re away. This could be during your vacation or during set hours of the day to keep your pet company. It’s a great option if your dog is shy, has special needs or doesn’t get on well with other pets.

What are the benefits?

This option allows your pet to stay home where it’s familiar and safe. It is recommended for cats who tend to have a harder time with sudden changes than dogs. But even for dogs, a pet sitter in your home can be less stressful and therefore preferable. It is important that you trust the pet sitter you have selected and that they have all the information they need to tend to your pet’s needs in its familiar environment. This option can have added costs such as transportation for the pet sitter.


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Costs for pet sitting at home

The costs depend on a number of facts such as the pet sitter’s experience and the length of the stay and average around 10 Dollars a day. If you use Holidog, you can easily check out the costs for our pet sitting services. Our pet sitter’s prices are displayed on their profiles, so pet owners can easily find the perfect sitter that best fits their budget. Don’t worry about hidden fees as Holidog doesn’t charge a service commission!

Find a trusted pet sitter near you

On our website, you can find a pet sitter near you that is perfect for you and your pet in just a few clicks. Simply enter your postal code and receive access to the list of registered pet sitters in your area. All the important information such as rates, experience and reviews are displayed on the pet sitter’s profile and allow you to make an informed choice.

Become a pet sitter

You are a student, a retiree or simply someone with extra time on your hands who wouldn’t mind turning your passion for animals into some cash? Then why not consider becoming a pet sitter yourself! Thanks to Holidog, you can decide for yourself which jobs you want to take and choose your own hours and prices freely.

Besides offering pet sitting services at the pet owners´home, you can offer to take care of pets in your own home, regularly visit their cats or take their dogs out for a walk. As you gain experience, you can start upping your prices. Beware though: being a pet sitter is first and foremost about putting your love for animals in practise, not a cash cow!

To sign up as a pet sitter with Holidog, go to the home page, click on "sign up", choose "petsitters" and follow the step by step process. Before you know it, you will have your first assignment!

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