Pet sitting with a host family

You have planned to go on holiday but can’t take your pet with you. Having somebody move into your home to look after your pet is not an option for you? In that case, you might want to consider looking for a host family. In this article, we go over the ins and outs of letting your pet be looked after at a pet sitter´s home.

What’s pet sitting?

A pet sitter is a perfect solution for pets that need to be looked after for a few days, a holiday or even just during set hours of the day. There are various pet sitting options and services out there. The trick is to find one that works best for your pet and your budget.

Pet sitting at home (meaning a somebody moves into your home to look after your pet) is not a ideal option for many. It is therefore that various families offer the option to have other people´s pets temporarily move to their home, combining a safe, informal and familiar environment without having to trust your keys to somebody you do not personally know.

Pet sitting with a host family

Pet sitters who offer pet sitting services at their own home are animal lovers that will do anything to make your pet´s stay as wonderful and safe as possible. Think of it as a little holiday for your dog.

Based on your pets preferences, you can find homes with other pets (if he likes company), places where he will be alone, homes close to natural areas for you dog to run around or maybe a lovely garden full of toys.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of pet sitting with a host family is the fact that while you are away, your pet stays in a homely environment without you having to trust your home to a stranger. Furthermore, the costs might be lower as the pet sitter can stay in his own home.

The possibility of a lively house full of pet lovers who can´t wait to play with your dog or cat is fantastic for the more social pets out there. Or maybe your dog loves the outdoors but spends most of his time in a city: then having him stay at a house that borders the great outdoors is a fantastic option.


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Costs for pet sitting with a host family

The costs of having a host family look after your dog can vary greatly, depending on the type of environment, experience of the pet sitter and in which area you live. With Holidog, you can easily check out the costs for our pet sitting services. Our pet sitter’s prices are displayed on their profiles, so pet owners can easily find the perfect sitter for their budget.

Find a trusted host family near you

A large number of pet sitters are available to you in just a few clicks. Simply enter your postal code, the type of animal and service you require and you will be taken to a list of people that meet the criteria. Important information such as rates, experience and reviews are displayed on the pet sitter’s profile and allow you to make an informed choice.

For more information on this and other pet sitting options (including dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting and cat visits), have a look at our complete pet sitting guide.

Become a pet sitter

You are a student, a retiree or simply someone with extra time on your hands who wouldn’t mind turning your passion for animals into some cash? Then consider taking on pet sitting jobs! Thanks to Holidog, you can decide for yourself which jobs you want to take and choose your own hours and prices freely.

Besides offering pet sitting services in your own home, you can offer to take care of pets in the pet owners home, regularly visit their cats or take their dogs out for a walk. As you gain experience, you can start upping your prices. Beware though: being a pet sitter is first and foremost about putting your love for animals in practise, not a cash cow!

To sign up as a pet sitter with Holidog, go to the home page, click on "sign up", choose "petsitters" and follow the step by step process. Before you know it, you will have your first assignment!

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