Pet sitting near me

Leave your pet in the care of a pet sitter and when you go on holidays or to keep it company when you are at work. Pet sitting services like Holidog near you make it possible to book a pet sitter in your city. You may have considered a kennel for your four-legged friend but disrupting your pets life is not always an ideal solution.

Finding the perfect service for you

Our online tool allows you to find the perfect pet sitter in just a few clicks. Enter your postal code and browse the list of exclusive pet sitters in your area. Find all the information you need on the pet sitter’s profile and select the perfect person that fits your individual needs.


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In your home

You can book a pet sitting service at home, meaning a pet sitter take care of your pet right in your own home. This option has the advantage of your pet not being moved to a strange place with a whole new environment. Booking a pet sitter near you who visits your pet at home is especially recommended for cats who tend to have a natural aversion towards moving around a lot.

With a host family

The alternative is booking an option near you that includes pet sitting with a host family and it’s especially recommended for pet owners who don’t want or can’t invite strangers into their home. It’s the ideal solution for pets who are nosy and happy to discover new environments.

Costs for pet sitting near you

What are the pet sitting costs? The average price for a pet sitting service is about 11 pounds per day. This price however can vary greatly from region to region, the type of animal and the experience of the pet sitter, amongst others.

Guarding small pets such as rabits is much cheaper than keeping a cat or a dog: usually about 6 pounds Conversely, for animals with very high maintenance requirements, such as horses, fees can be as high as 200 $ per day.

Please note that prices in Sydney and the greater Sydney region are generally higher than in other parts of the country. Last but not least, the most important thing to remember: always choose a person you trust to look after your pet. If a price seems too low to you, it's probably too good to be true. Don't forget that your pet's health and well-being depend on your choice!

The perfect part-time job

You are a student or a retiree with extra time on your hands who wouldn’t mind turning their passion for animals into some cash? Try pet sitting near you! Thanks to Holidog, you can decide for yourself which jobs you want to take and choose your own hours and prices freely.

To register on Holidog, you just have to complete your profile, mention your rates and availability and press “submit”. That’s it: your ad is online. Pet owners will get in touch with you. Take some time to discuss all the details and make sure that the job offered suits you.

Want to learn more? Then please have a look at our complete pet sitting guide.

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