Dog sitting services

You have a dog. Or two dogs. Or even three. You also have a job, family commitments and hobbies - in short, you have a life and it sometimes means that you cannot be home to take your dogs out or you have to be away for some period of time. This is when dog sitting services come in handy.

What are dog sitting services?

Dog sitting services comprise a handful of services designated to help you take care of your dog when you cannot do it yourself. They are provided by individuals or specialised companies depending on what you need. Here are the main ones:

Dog walking

A dog walker is a person who comes to pick up your dog and take it for a walk once or several times a day. Walks last for 30 minutes on average. You get to decide the time, the duration and even the route. This is a great opportunity to get your furry friend to enjoy some fun time in a green area. Some cities have fenced green areas where dogs can be taken off lead for extra running and frolicking fun.

Dog sitting at home

If you have to be away for a night or more, in-home dog boarding is great. A cheaper dog sitting solution than a kennel, you get a dog sitter to come live and take care of your dog in your own place. This is perfect for dogs that cannot stay in a kennel, don’t like being with other dogs or those that simply dislike a change in their routine!

Dog sitting with a host family

Can't or don't want your dog to be kept in your home? Then you might want to consider using a host family. You can initially turn to friends or family. Holidog also offers dog sitting with a host family services, on the same principles as home care. You just have to bring your dog to the pet sitter and provide everything necessary for the duration of his stay (food, toys...). The price of the service will depend on the length of your absence, the size of your dog, etc....


This is the most traditional dog boarding option. Kennels are facilities designed to board dogs for a night or more. Depending on their level of comfort, dogs are kept in cages, crates or individual rooms. Most kennels have a fenced-off outside area where dogs can run around and play during the day. Some facilities also offer extra services such as play activities and grooming services, though these can be very expensive.

Dog daycare

A bit like nurseries, dog daycares are facilities that welcome dogs during the day. Dogs can enjoy playtime with other dogs or relax in the sleeping areas. This is great for sociable dogs that like being with other dogs and have owners that are usually busy during the day.

For more in-depth information, please have a look at our dog sitting guide.


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How much do dog sitting services cost?

The price for dog sitting really depends on the type and duration of the service. Dog walking is the cheapest: a 30-minute walk costs about $12. For dog sitting, whether in your home or in the dog sitter’s home, you are looking at spending $20 per night on average. Kennels can cost anything from $18 for the most basic facility to over $100 per night for a stay in a luxurious dog hotel. Dog daycare facilities cost about $15 per hour.

Keep in mind that prices vary between regions. Dog sitting costs are usually much higher in cities than in rural areas. Also keep in mind that in cities with high living costs, such as Sydney, prices are generally higher. In the end, it is up to you to find the perfect balance between your wallet and your dog´s well being. Also keep in mind that by booking early, you might get a better deal, no matter what type of service you are looking to use.

Start offering dog sitting services

After having read the article above, you might think that you yourself could offer dog sitting services. With 9.9 million dogs in Australia and dog owners living a busy life, the demand for dog sitting service is very high. There are several ways to find dog sitting jobs depending on where you live, your level of experience and your availability.

You can also create a profile on specialised pet sitting websites. Make sure you pick a reputable company that has a large user base. Holidog is a good go-to place to get started. You can create your dog sitter profile for free and be discovered by thousands of dog parents in your area. Holidog offers you the freedom to choose which services you wish to offer, for which price and when you are available to do so.

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