Dog sitter jobs

Animals have always been your passion and you have been wondering if spending time with them might be a nice job opportunity? You want to become a dog sitter but don’t know where to start? Read on to learn all you need to know.

Get the word out

You can start off by simply offering your services in your area by handing out flyers in local restaurants or shops. Be precise about what you’re offering and how much you charge for each job. Don’t forget to include some of the job experiences you already have with dogs and specify how interested clients can get in touch with you.

Of course, you can also post an ad on the Internet and use dedicated neighbourhood websites to connect you with dog owners. Keep in mind, however, that with this option you don’t always know what you’re getting and that at first, it might be hard to get the ball rolling. For safety reasons, it might be a preferable option to go through specialised online pet sitting companies. It’s much safer to register for jobs as a pet sitter on dedicated websites.

Holidog is a good go-to place to get started. You can create your dog sitter profile for free and be discovered by thousands of dog parents in your area. Holidog offers you the freedom to choose which services you wish to offer, for which price and when you are available to do so. A good way to make your profile as attractive as possible, is to first educate yourself on what a dog sitter is.

What services do you want to offer?

Consider what services you want and can provide to clients who need someone trustworthy to take care of their dog and make sure to specify it on your profile.

Dog walking

All dogs need to go out everyday, several times a day for some. When dogs don’t have access to a garden or when dog owners can’t be home to take them out, dog walkers are the perfect solution. It entails going to the person’s home to pick up the dog and take it out for a walk. Walks last for 30 minutes.

You are expected to engage with the dog during this time and take it to a green area, a park or along a route you and the dog owner will have agreed on. If you have little experience, it is best to start with one small dog and keep it on-lead. If you are experienced, you can start walking several dogs at the same time, or one or two big dogs.

Dog boarding

If you live in a flat, you can offer to host a small dog for a night or more. The dog will be under your responsibility during the whole duration of its owner’s absence and be part of your family. Dog sitting with a host family has become more and more popular as it is not only cheaper than a stay in a kennel, but it is also nicer for dogs that can feel overwhelmed being around other dogs or those that cannot be boarded in kennels for medical reasons.

Dog boarding can also take place in the dog owners’ home. In that case, you are expected to come live at their place. While dogs are less territorial than cats, some are strongly attached to their environment and having the dog sitter come to their place is the best way not to change their routine too much.


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How much does a dog sitter earn?

The pay depends on the type of services you offer, your experience and your location. For dog walking, the average price for one dog is $12 per walk. For dog sitting, average prices hover around $20 per night.

At Holidog, you get to set your own dog sitter rates and are free to look up other dog sitters in your area to compare. When you just start out on your dog sitting adventure, it is probably to set your price below the average and increase it as you gain experience. Beware to not set them too low, as this might arouse suspicion. If you are a trained professional, on the other hand, you can set your price higher.

Some of the costs will have to be covered by the client such as transportation to and from their home and pet food that you might have to buy during their absence. The same goes for unexpected vet visits. Any extra expenses that are related to the proper care of the dog should be covered by the client. Just be sure to keep the receipt.

Our website allows you to chat with pet owners previous to the booking which gives you a chance to get to know them and ask questions. You can be sure to get in contact with honest and reliable clients looking for high-quality services through Holidog.

How to register

The number one dog sitter site in Europe allows you to get in touch with countless pet owners near you and guarantees a safe and reliable service. Holidog makes it easy for you to find dog sitter jobs whether in your home or in the dogs home and join the community of pet sitters from all over the world.

Go to Holidog website and sign up as a pet sitter. You will be asked to fill out a form, which will be checked by our team. After we have validated your account, you can access your own brand new profile. Start personalising it by adding information about your previous experience with dogs, your passion for pets and what you know about pet care. Include your biggest strengths to let potential clients know that you’re reliable and trustworthy.

Specify if you accept dog sitter jobs at home and/or at the pet owner´s home. Mention if you are available for dog walking assignments. Indicate your availability to make it easy for pet owners to find you and list the type of animals you are willing to pet sit: with Holidog you can not only offer your services as a dog sitter, but for a variety of other pets too, from cats to snakes, rodents to horses.

For more information, please read our general dog sitter guide.

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