Dog boarding options

Something unexpected popped up and you have to go away for a couple of days. Or you have planned to go on holiday but can’t take your dog with you. You’re now faced with a question that many pet owners ask themselves: who can look after my dog?

Dog boarding options

Luckily, there are several great dog boarding options near you for you and your dog. But which one is the best for your pet? Dog boarding in your own home? Boarding with a host family? A kennel? Friends or family?

Ask a friend or family member

Your first option is to ask a family member or a friend to help you out. It’s always easier for dogs to be around someone they already know. Make sure to ask a person that you completely trust with your dog and who can care for your dog for the full duration of your absence.

Use specialised pet sitting companies

If you can’t ask someone close, there are companies that specialise in dog boarding services. Holidog is a great option. They have many pet sitters who would love to look after your dog during your absence. Though you will have to pay the dog sitter, you will also be sure to leave your beloved pet in the hands of an experienced pet sitter.

Dog boarding at home

Boarding you dog in your own home is the most flexible way to have your dog cared for while you’re away. It requires very little organisation on your side: your dog stays at home, in his own environment with his own toys and routines.

It is important that you trust the dog sitter you have selected and that they have all the information they need to tend to your pet’s needs in its familiar environment. Dog boarding at home can have additional costs such as transportation for the pet sitter.

Furthermore, when opting for dog boarding at home, you have to feel comfortable handing over your keys to a stranger. If this idea turns you off, there are other solutions worth considering.

Dog boarding with a host family

You don’t want or can’t get a dog sitter at your home? Then dog boarding with a host family may be just what you need. Again, you can always ask friends or family first.

If this isn’t an option, then Holidog also offers dog sitting boarding in the pet sitters’ home. It works in the same way as in-home dog boarding. You take your dog to the pet sitter and provide all that is necessary for a lovely stay (dog food, toys, etc.). The service fee depends on the duration of your absence, the number of dogs, the experience of the pet sitter, etc.

Precautions to take

Before bringing your dog to the host families´ house, you should visit the home of the potential pet sitter. You want to make sure that both the environment and the pet sitter are right for your pet. Unforeseen problems with the environment or the pet sitter can be great sources of stress. It’s essential that your dog feels comfortable in his home away from home.

Ask as many questions as you like such as the number of walks he’ll get every day, whether he’ll have to stay on his own for some parts of the day or if he’ll have access to a garden and how secure it is. If your dog loves playing with other dogs, you could look for a pet sitter that has dogs himself.


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Dog boarding in a kennel

As a last resort, you can look for a dog kennel. There are facilities for every budget, from basic to luxurious. Generally speaking, those facilities will have multiple dogs staying with them

What do you need to know

Always do your research. Learn about the boarding conditions at the facility. Go and visit the living areas. Ask how their days are spent. Observe the employees and their behaviour with the dogs, as well as the dogs’ behaviour towards them. Do the dogs have an outside space large enough to romp and play? Will they be walked? For how long? Is there enough staff to look after all the dogs? How is the dog sitting organised at night? How does the boarding house react to veterinary emergencies?

Not every dog can be accepted in a dog kennel. For instance, bitches in heat are not allowed in the vast majority of cases. The same goes for sick dogs that require heavy drug treatments and dogs that don’t live well with other dogs. Finally, all pets must be up to date with their vaccinations.

How much does it cost?

Dog kennels can also be pricey depending on the level of luxury and services provided. In the most extreme cases, prices per day can reach a couple of hundreds of pounds a day, but you can expect premium services such as the presence of a camera in your dog’s booth that allows you to keep an eye on your pet.

Some tips for a great dog boarding experience

Don’t forget to provide your dog’s health records, his medications if needed as well as their dosage. Leave your vet’s number. Have enough dog food so that there won’t be a shortage during your absence. Give as much information as possible about your dog’s behaviour and habits. What is it afraid of? What are its favorite games? How does it behave towards other dogs? This type of information is essential for a trouble-free dog sitting experience.

Don’t wait until the last minute to find the best dog sitter if you go away on holiday! Some times of the year are particularly busy and kennels, dog boarding hosts, and pet sitters are usually booked months in advance.

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