Cat kennel near me

You are planning a trip to unwind for a while but you are not sure how your cat might fare without you? Maybe the idea of a temporary stay in a cat kennel has crossed your mind and you’re wondering if it’s the right fit for you. Keep reading to learn about cat kennels near you.

What are cat kennels?

One option for cat owners are cat kennels where your cat can stay while you are absent. Your cat will be left in the care of caretakers similar to a short hotel stay. Although not all cat kennels are the same, they usually contain at least the following:

  • A trained staff

  • Plenty of play room with suitable furniture

  • A well ventilated sleeping area

  • Basic medical equipment for emergencies

  • Clean and tidy rooms

In short: it should be a little paradise for cats, geared to both safety, comfort and entertainment.

While this may look like the ideal solution for your cat, you should always make sure that you do your research well.

Things to consider

Before you book the stay, be sure to visit the premises and let the employees give you a tour of the buildings. There are different kinds of kennels and before selecting one for your cat it is important to do research on the facilities. It’s important that your cat will feel comfortable in the environment and will get along with the other pets present.

Find out how many cats usually stay in the kennel, how many caretakers the kennel has and if your cat will feel comfortable with the other animals. As mentioned before, many cats don’t like changes and get especially stressed when they are being moved from their home. Shy or anxious cats can have a really hard time to get used to new places and humans. If you are afraid that a cat kennel might not be right for your cat, consider the alternatives.

Prices for cat kennels near me

To the the great variety in types of cat kennels, it hard to say exactly how much a stay in a cat kennel will cost. However, luxury cat kennels can charge prices of over $100 per day. More basic kennels offering basic services and no extra luxuries can cost just about as much as any other pet sitting service, between $15 and $20.


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Alternatives to kennels

While a dedicated cat kennel is a great solution for some, a lot of cats have problems with moving to a new and unknown environment due to their territorial nature. Therefore, you might want to consider the following alternatives.

Friends or family

Before turning to cat kennel boarding, it is always a good idea to consider friends and family near you. This will usually be cheaper than booking a professional cat sitting service and can be beneficial to your cat, as he does not have to get used to a new, unknown person.

Unfortunately, this option might not always be an option, or you might not want to burden your friends or family with the care for of your cat. In this case, there are other pet sitting services offering almost all of the same benefits.

Professional pet sitting services

Fortunately, in this day and age there are a variety of dedicated pet sitting services that offer personalised cat care available online. Holidog and many other companies offer cat sitting services all over the United Kingdom.

Cat sitting with a pet sitter offers a great advantage over cat hotels because it doesn’t require your cat to move. It can stay in its familiar environment and patiently wait for your return while you enjoy your trip, your mind at ease. To find a cat sitter through Holidog, simply go to our website, type in your postal code and browse our extensive database of professional pet sitters.

Cat sitting costs

The costs depend on a number of facts such as the pet sitter’s experience and the length of the stay and in case of kennels, the services offered by the facility. Costs for pet sitting in bigger cities tend to be higher than in the countryside. Our pet sitter’s prices are displayed on their profiles, so pet owners can easily find the perfect sitter that best fits their budget.

Find out how much a cat sitter will cost by simply browsing our website. Use our search tool by entering your postal code and gain access to an extensive list of cat sitters near you who would be happy to take care of your cat. Select the cat sitter that fits your budget and your expectations by comparing rates and experiences displayed on their profiles.

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