Cat Kennel Boarding

It’s not always an option to take your cat with you on vacation or an unexpected work trip. Facilities such as kennels and catteries offer cat boarding solutions to cat owners who have to leave their pets for a few days and nights and allow them peace of mind during their travels.

How does it work?

In recent years, more and more cat kennels have opened all across the country offering solutions to pet owners who are absent from home for more than just a day or a night. The simple concept allows you to drop off your cat at the kennel and pick it up once you have returned.

Cat kennel boarding might look like the perfect option but keep in mind that it is defenitely not suitable for all: cats are territorial and generally don’t deal well with sudden changes in their environment. If your cat doesn’t like the company (or even the sight!) of other cats, if it’s shy or has special needs it’ll be happier boarding at home or with a host family!

Finding a cat boarding kennel

It goes without saying that you should only leave your cat in the care of people that you trust. Your cat’s safety should be your first priority, it is therefore recommended to carefully consider the kennel that fits your pet’s needs best. Do as much research as you can and compare various kennels. Find out if the facilities are all up to date regarding laws and regulations and that they follow a strict safety policy.

Visit the kennel

before you decide on a cat kennel near you, you should always visit the premises before hand. Take a look around and find out where your cat will be spending most of its time. Are the areas secured against escapes? Is the staff professional and experienced? Is the establishment clean and tidy? Your cat should feel safe and happy in its new environment.

Cat kennel boarding costs

The costs for leaving your cat in a kennel can vary according to the service offered by the facility. Some kennels offer luxury packages that can cost up to $100 per day while others charge about the same amount as for a regular cat sitting service in your home. Consider what service really fits your needs before booking.


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Alternatives to cat kennel boarding

If you already know that your cat doesn’t like to move or has a hard time dealing with other pets, a kennel might not be the ideal solution. In general, cats don’t support changes very well and are more comfortable staying at home with a pet sitter. Therefore, before booking a cat kennel, consider the following alternatives.

Friends and family

The easiest and cheapest alternative is to ask friends and family for help. A good friend or family member might even already know your pet. Another added benefit are the costs: often you do not have to pay a penny.

Nevertheless, you should still provide clear instructions to your friend or family member about how to take care of your furry friend: knowing a pet is not the same as knowing how to take care of it. Provide clear insturctions on feeding times, when and how to clean the litter and what to do in case of an accident.

Specialised cat sitting services

If asking a friend or family member is not an option for you, you can consider using a pet sitting service. In recent years, many companies have developed professional pet sitting services for pet owners in need. Holidog, the number one in Australia, allows you to find someone to take care of your cat during your absence in just a few clicks.

Cat sitting is preferable to cat kennel boarding because your cat can continue to enjoy the comfort of his home while waiting for you to return. Finding the perfect sitter is no harder than if you turned to friends or family. Just visit our website and browse our database of registered pet sitters near you.

Visit our website, enter your postal code and browse through the list of registered cat sitters near you. We take pride in carefully selecting our cat sitters to offer the best quality of services and ensure your cat’s safety. Our cat sitters display their prices, reviews and experience on their profile to make it easy for you to select the person that suits you best. Always ask questions to make sure that you can trust the person that you’re entrusting your cat to.

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