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Warilla Paradise for Animals <3

Hello there I'm Jessica :) I'm currently completing a Pathway course online to obtain my Cert II in Animal Studies & Cert III in Captive...

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I am an avid animal lover. I have three cats of my own, but we have never had a big enough yard for a dog, so I have had to live vicariously...

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Warrawong Walks of paradise

Hi I'm Ashley I'm 30 years old and love to keep fit and spend time with my family and pets I have two dogs a kelpie and a husky 2 cats 2 Gu...

Kiama Warm,safe,dog loving household

Large warm house with grassy enclosed back yard including sun bathed deck. We are a small family who own a 3 yr old whippet. We enjoy having...

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Coniston One less worry while you are away

Hi I am a mature woman who has been doing pet sitting and dog walking on and off for 15 years. I am a animal lover who understands the stres...

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Wollongong My Motivation

One of my favourite hobbies is spending time with animals. I have lived with dogs with whole life and spent considerable time at a farm work...

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Wollongong HAPPY PET

Having a love for animals, I don't fail to cherish your pets so that you have no qualms about leaving your pet during your absence. I had...

Wollongong Leaving home?Your pet won't have to

I have done poultry minding a few months ago, had 3 work experiences at veterinary clinics where I had to monitor animals and clean after th...

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Mount Pleasant

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, confident and motivated individual.Would absolutely love the extra company of an animal in the h...


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