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Daragh H. Premium


A dogs luxurious retreat

I love dogs and I'm prepared to do everything for them. I recently lost my own beloved dog and I'm desperate for another puppy to look afte...

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love to Pets

Hey, My name's Reema. I'm 27 years old and love animals! I So if you're looking for someone who loves and has experience with animals t...

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Walking and Feeding

I love dogs. I grew up with two very energetic and fun border collies and have pet sat a variety of different dogs, big and small. I would l...

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Dogs and Cats like me!

I'm new in Canberra but in my home-country I left a beautiful and lovely Cat who after some webcams chats with my family, I can assure that ...

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Dog Walker

I've decided to become a petsitter because moving out of home has meant that I have left my family pets behind. This has left me missing my ...


Join us ! we are more than 1,600,000 in the Holidog family around our passion for animals.

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Friend for Animals

I've loved animals ever since I got my first pet - a goofy German Shepherd - at age five. My current dog is an enormous sook whom I adore an...

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Come Walk With Me!

Hello! I'm Jayne and I'm currently in my 2nd year of study at the Australian National University. I study a Bachelor of International Securi...

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Stress free holidays :)

As an owner of 2 beautiful dogs I appreciate how stressful it can become when faced with finding carers for your pets while on holidays. I a...

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I have always loved animals of all kinds, but I also love being outdoors and seeing new areas. I recently moved from Sydney to Canberra to s...

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Dedicated, energised dog lover

I have had a deep love for dogs all my life, and have been interested in helping other people with their pets for quite some time. I am calm...



Quality Petcare

You are concerned about your pet's welfare and want them having fun while you are away. I want the same thing - for both of us. I want to ta...



Workouts for dogs

I'm a uni student and working casually. I love animals so much and I love exercising. I think I would be a great dog walker because I'm trus...

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I love animals, especially dogs. I work in a boarding centre where we work with all sorts of animals. I am also studying animal science via ...

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House Sitting and Dog Walking

Hi there! I'm offering my services as a dog walker and in-house dog sitter/horse minder - I come to you! I grew up on a farm in rural ...

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I am an extremely animal oriented person, and have had experience with a variety of animals as pets. Growing up, I had two Border Collies,...

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Pet sitter = love, laugh, and fun!

I am a postgraduate international student. I got a scholarship to support my study but I need to earn extra cash for saving and holiday. I l...

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I love looking after, playing with and walking dogs. I was a full time house sitter for two years and I had the wonderful opportunity of loo...

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I am looking for people that would like me to walk their dogs for up to 1 hour a day. I am a young person that is eager to get to know your...



Lifetime passion

While still only 23, I have known for basically my entire life I have had an ever growing love all animals big, small, scary & strange. Noth...

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Dog lover, missing kanine companion

Avid dog, and all round animal lover. I have had dogs as family pets since i was a baby, big ones,small ones, sometimes even medium ones. ...

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Wanting to help

Hello my name is Kaitlin. I am 21 years old I have been walking dogs for 10 years. I have also been involved in dog washing and dogsitting...

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Dogs on the Lake

Having been a dog owner as long as I can remember I have an affinity for dogs and my children have said they want to come back as my dog. S...

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Pet Haven

Hey I’m Kass, I am a very motivated individual who loves going on walks and keeping active. I play soccer for the Women’s National Premier L...

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Dog walking

I'm currently a student living in Canberra. I absolutely love animals of all types and sizes, and as I am unable to keep pets in my new apar...

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Walking with Rhiannon

Sometimes, you just don't have time. Sometimes, you're too worn out so show them the love they deserve. Sometimes every day can be too much....

Your dog doesn’t like staying in a kennel? Find a dog sitter instead!

At, we know that leaving your dog behind is not easy when you have to be away - be it for the day or for a week. We also know that not all dogs thrive in kennels. That’s why we make it easy for you to find a trusted dog sitter in Canberra. We carefully review all the applications we receive and only select dog sitters who have the right level of experience and a genuine love of dogs. We also make sure that your dog will stay in a safe environment and that he will receive all the care and attention it is used to.

How does it work?

Whether you’re looking for a dog walking service, a dog daycare or a dog boarding, you can easily find the right dog sitter on Holidog. Visit our website and enter your postcode to see all trusted dog sitters available in Canberra.

Chat for free with 5-star dog sitters in Canberra

We know that finding the perfect dog sitter doesn’t happen in a finger snap. That’s why Holidog lets you chat for free with as many dog sitters as you need to until you find the right one. Ask them all the questions you may have or share important details about your dog. For extra peace of mind, we recommend meeting with the dog sitter in person to make sure s/he’s a good fit.

How much does it cost?

A dog sitter is the cheapest of all dog sitting options. The prices for a dog sitter in Canberra vary depending on your exact location, the level of experience, your dog’s size and needs, and the dog sitting service you’re looking for. Dog sitters mention their rates on their profile, so it’s easy for you to know exactly how much you’ll be paying. And there are no hidden fees.

Calling all dog lovers!

Do you love dogs? Do you have some experience in taking care of them? Would you like to turn your passion for dogs into a flexible job that fits around your existing schedule? Then why not become a dog sitter in Canberra with Holidog? To know more about our dog sitter recruiting process and how to register, please visit our website.

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