Dog kennel and run

Some dogs are happy cuddling all day on the sofa while some cannot spend a day without being outside. The trick is that not everyone has a fenced-in area where dogs can roam free.

What is a dog kennel and run?

A dog kennel and run is a good in-between solution to get your dog an outdoor space without compromising on his well-being and safety. It is a structure that comprises a shelter for the dog and a fenced-in area. This is the perfect solution to give your dog a secured outdoor space if you do not or can not fence an area.

The structure comes in all sizes, materials, optional features and prices. It’s best to think about your dog’s size and his level of activity before buying one. Some are made especially for small and young dogs while some have been built with big dogs in mind.


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Where do I find a dog kennel and run?

There are a few ways to find a good one. If you’re completely new to this, it’s a good idea to visit your local pet shop and see for yourself what they look like and how they’re built. You can also ask someone you know to tell you more about the one they own and how their dog uses it.

Pet shops

Some pet shops have a couple for sale. Though the selection may not be wide, you will get good advice regarding the one that would best suit your dog and tips on how to assemble yours.

Online retailers

You can also order one online. The plus is that you’ll be able to read the reviews left by other customers which is helpful when you don’t know quite yet which model you’d like to get. The downside is the delivery costs: delivery for an item that big doesn’t come cheap.

Small ads and second-hand

Check your local paper or visit online second-hand groups. There are often some for sale. You could grab a bargain if you’re careful. Before buying, come view and inspect it. Make sure everything is in order. The last thing you want is to buy something that is faulty or dangerous for your dog.

Specialised companies

If you want to splash and invest in a one-of-a-kind dog kennel and run, some companies build yours to measure and come assemble it at yours. You can choose between plenty of options to tailor it to your dog’s size and needs and the quality of the materials mean that it will last a lifetime.

How much does a dog kennel and run cost?

From affordable to luxury! Prices really depend on the size, the materials and the features. The average price for a brand new standard structure fit for small dogs and puppies starts at $200. You’re looking at about $350 for a structure made for larger breeds. Prices can go way up and reach $600.

You will find second-hand structures for half the price of new ones. This means you could get a large wooden structure for $250 or even less if you’re able to carry out some light repairs.

If this seems to expensive to you, you can consult with the Kennel Club for alternatives.

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