Who can walk my dog?

No matter the size, dogs need to go out everyday - and some of them, several times a day. When life gets in your way and you can’t take your dog out, you have to look for someone to do it for you. Here’s how you can find and book the best dog walker.

How can I find someone to walk my dog?

There are different ways to find and book a trustworthy dog walker even at the last-minute. Remember to check the references or to read the reviews other dog parents have left. You also need to write down clear instructions as to your preferred route, your dog’s temper and the dos and don'ts.

Ask a friend, a neighbour or a relative

This is of course your first option. Ask around: do you know any dog lovers who could give you a hand? Having someone you know to take your dog out is a great solution as it won’t cost you a penny and it’s easier to leave you keys and your furry friend with a familiar face.

Use a reputable app or company

There are plenty of companies that offer dog walking services. Those are great to find a dog walker though you may have to spend a bit of time creating your profile, checking dog walkers’ profiles, chatting online with potential pet sitters and working out the details.

Use a reputable app or company and read what other users have to say about the services they have received. Create a detailed profile and mention everything you feel dog walkers should know about your dog. Not all people can or are comfortable around big dogs. In the same way, if your dog has special needs, you may want to find someone who has some specialised training.


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Ask your vet or your local shelter

Vet nurses and volunteers often offer pet sitting services, including dog walking. Give them a call to know if they do. You will have to pay for the service but with the price comes the guarantee that your dog will be in good and knowledgeable hands.

Using a dog walking service: things to know

Just like human parents never leave their children in the care of the first babysitter available, dog parents shouldn’t leave their dog with a stranger without doing proper research.

Ask questions

The more, the better. Ask any potential dog walker about their experience or training: can they deal with big dogs? Can they deal with sick dogs or dogs with disabilities? Do they know how to react in case of emergency? Do they have dog walking experience? Do they have any reference they can share? Are they insured?

The amount of questions might seem like an overkill. However, to ensure that you make the most informed choice for both your a dog and you, they are indeed essential.

Meet in person

Once you’ve found the right dog walker, arrange to meet in person. This is an essential step, especially if you’ve only chatted online. Bring your dog with you to the meeting. You’ll be able to see how your potential dog walker behaves towards your dog. You’ll also see how your furry friend reacts. At this stage, work out the last details: rates, duration and frequency of the walks, preferred itinerary, and emergency contact details.

How much does dog walking cost?

It is impossible to give an exact idea of how much a dog walker will cost you. It depends on a variety of factors, such as your location, the type of dog, the time of the day and time of the year, the expected duration of the walk and the experience of the the dog walker.

Prices for dog walking in Sydney or Melbourne are usually higher than in other areas of Australia. Bigger breeds that need a lot of exercise are also more expensive than their smaller compatriots. The same goes for booking early morning walks or during typical vacation times. Of course, the longer the walk, the higher the costs, and the same goes for a highly experienced dog walker.

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