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Alanah M. Premium

Brunswick West

Peace of Mind - And Happy Pets!

My wife and I have been lovers of animals for a long time; my parents live on a farm, and before that I'd had cats and dogs and birds. My Na...

Ailsa D. Premium


WALKIES..... treats and MORE ...

Unconditional love, great company and happy times. What more could you ask for than having furry friends as company. They keep you fit and...

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Hello, my name is Haylee! I have decided to join holidog because i have a large love for animals of all shapes and sizes. As i do not yet...

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I’m a Peruvian veterinarian , I have gratuated from my university 2 years ago, I have been in Melbourne for one month, currently I’m studyi...

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friendly home for a furry friend

We are a pet friendly family and just love our own furry baby too. And as a dog lover we would love to look after a furry mate that needs a ...



My love affair with animals started from the day I was born. I have always grown up with dogs, cats, birds, fish...any animal really. I was ...

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Dog's best friend

When friends and family go away on holiday, I am the one who is asked to take care of the pets. All of the pets; birds, horses, dogs, cats a...

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Caring and reliable pet sitter

I love animals and all related to nature. Back home I have cats and I used to have a dog. I miss them so much. I'm from Paraguay, a small an...

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Altona North

Loving Pet Family in Altona North

Hi! We're a family of 3. Heather, Kacper and our fur baby, Lola. About Lola... Lola is a 2 year old beagle, she's full of energy and ve...

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Caroline Springs

New fury friends welcome

Hey there, Am looking to earn some extra cash, and what way better than to embrace my love for animals and meet some furry friends. I hav...

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Keilor East

Home away from home

Animals are an absolute passion for me, I have a genuine love for all animals especially dogs. I am fit, calm, flexible, consistent, sensiti...

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Passion for Paws

I've recently moved over to Melbourne and have brought along with me my two gorgeous furry friends, a poodle x Maltese and miniature schnauz...

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Paradise for cats

Since a young age I have had a deep connection with all felines. I trained my own cat at a young age to obey instructions like a dog. All an...

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West Footscray

Maya's Doggy Daycare

Hi all, I am a student midwife/nurse and I have loved dogs my whole life. I am an experienced pet owner and have trained a Siberian husky an...



My Name is Peta. I currently have a 4 year old, medium sized, male cavoodle (desexed) that gets along very well with other dogs, and two ani...

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Airport West

Love for Dogs

Dogs are always fun to be around. They bring joy and happiness and can brighten anyones day. We used to take care of our friends two dogs be...

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Family away from family.

Hello I am Bridee. I absolutely love animals; I always have. I currently am living with an Irish Terrier who is the most passive and friendl...

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The dog!!!!! Your faithful friend

Hello!!!!! My ñame is Cindy, I love a lot the dogs. In my life I have had 3 dogs, Lukas 1- Lukas 2 and Orion. My cute dog lives in Colomb...

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Club for Cubs

I've always loved animals. But my parents have never been in favor of owning anything bigger than cats, so far. They do not wish to do so in...

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The best care is love

I am a Colombian girl, I am pshychologyst and I love the animals so much. I have two pets in my country (Molly and Totot - dogs -) and every...

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I am Andrea I am Colombian I consider myself an animal enthusiast, especially dogs, I unwind with them. I am a responsible, hardworking, org...

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Williamstown North

I love Animals

Hi I'm Georgie, I was brought up with animals such as dogs, chickens, pigs and Parrots. My Irish Terrier (12yrs) and I go for walks at the ...

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Superstar pet lover

I have a love and passion for caring for animals, dogs would definitely be my favourite. I offer your pet cuddles, shelter, food and walk, w...

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Dedicated to your pet!

Having grown up with a dog, I'd learned to love him, and this has continued through my life. I even lived on a farm for a couple of years, t...

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Pawsome Petsitter - fun & loving!

Hello hello, My name is Jassmine and I’m 21 years old. I’ve always grown up around pets (large dogs, small dogs, cats, rabbits & birds) a...


Don’t have much time to walk your dog? Call upon a dog walker with Holidog. The walk will allow your dog to run around while you are away. You can choose the frequency of the walks; they will be carried out in your neighbourhood or in a surrounding park. After all, the best way to make your dog happy is to walk them.

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