Dog daycare jobs

For any dog lover, working with pups is the best job in the world. There are many ways to have a career with dogs, from professional dog walking and dog sitting to working in a dog daycare. Just like with dog sitting services, working in a dog daycare does not require any specific qualifications - though they are welcomed and actually sought after by dog parents!

Which tasks do you perform in dog daycare jobs?

Staff performs a wide variety of tasks whose goal is to make sure that our four-legged friends have the best time. But it’s not all about play: staff are also responsible for the dogs’ safety and well-being. In particular, staff are expected to:

  • Create and supervise fun activities

  • Be able to step up when dogs play too rough or to break up fights

  • Bond with dogs to offer them a loving and reassuring environment

  • Walk one or several dogs in a designated outdoor area

  • Ensure that all areas are clean at all times (mopping floors, sweeping, and disposing of lots of poops!)

  • Feed the puppies

While specific qualifications are not mandatory, some dog daycare facilities near you might require some interpersonal skills such as being committed, reliable and patient. The ability to be part of a team is also essential for successfully running a dog daycare. And last but not least, the jobs require to be physically fit as it entails walking (a lot!) and being outside in all weathers (a lot too!).

How much do dog daycare jobs pay?

The salary depends on your location and your level of experience. Due to the extended opening hours, a lot of positions are part-time (around 25 hrs per week). Entry roles will usually be paid the minimum wage or slightly higher - this means about $7 per hour. The salary increases for roles that come with more responsibilities such as supervisor or manager.

Please note that you might earn more with your dog daycare job in some areas of the country. For example, working in a dog daycare facility in Sydney or Melbourne will usually earn you more than in other parts of the country.


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How do I find dog daycare jobs?

If you are interested in working in a dog daycare, you can start looking for a position by checking the websites of dog daycares near you or giving them a call. Most places have a career section where they publish all the open roles. You will be able to know more about the job, the schedule and what skills they are after. If you do not have any training or experience, write a good cover letter in which you will mention your personality traits that match the job - and your love for pups of course!

You can also check classified ads on local websites or visit your local pet shop and shelters. You may find job offers over there, or some people may know which facilities are currently hiring.

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