Cat hotel near me

You are looking for a cat hotel near you to take good care of your kitty while you’re away on vacation? Keep reading and learn everything there is to know about cat hotels in your area.

What are cat hotels?

Cat hotels are a more luxurious variation of a normal cattery. The principle is quite simple, you take your cat to the hotel before you depart and pick it up upon your return. While some cats don’t really mind switching locations, others have a harder time supporting changes to their environment. Cat hotels usually host more than one cat so having other animals around can be stressful.

Finding a cat hotel near you

Before selecting a cat hotel, it is always recommended to research the facility and make sure that it is up to the latest standards, especially in big cities where the demand for cat hotels is higher. Take into consideration that the hotel has to follow laws and regulations and should have a security policy in place.

It is important that you pay a visit to the premises and take a look at the rooms your cat will be eating and sleeping in. Do you trust the neighbourhood? Find out how many other pets will be staying in the hotel and consider if your cat will feel comfortable with the situation. Cats tend to have a great sense of territory and are closely attached to their homes. An anxious or shy cat an have a hard time in a new place with unknown humans and animals.

If you are not sure about the cat hotels closest to you, you should consider widening your search radius: finding a suitable hotel for your cat is more important than finding one close by!

Prices for cat hotels near me

Prices for cat hotels can vary greatly based on the services they provide which is why it can be hard to say exactly what the average cat hotel charges. With that being said, there are cat hotels offering basic services similar to a cattery that are not more expensive than any other per sitting service as well as luxury hotels that can charge over $100 per day.

A higher price usually comes with better facilities and additional services, such as a vet on site. Keep in mind however that just because a cat hotel promotes these services, does not mean that they are included in the price. You want to avoid coming back from a Holiday and being presented by a greatly augmented bill, so always read the small print.


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Alternatives to cat hotels

If the prices of a luxurious cat hotel turn you off, you can always consider a more basic cattery. Also here, there is a huge price difference between catteries in urban and non-urban areas. For most cats, however, a cat hotel or cattery is not a good option at all, due to their previously mentioned territorial nature. In these cases, you should consider the following alternatives.

Asking friends or family

One of the options available to cat owners who don’t have the possibility or don’t want to bring their cat to a cat hotel is to ask friends and family for support for the period of your absence. This will usually be cheaper than booking a professional cat sitting service and can be beneficial to your cat. Staying home with someone they trust and who might even already know your cat can be a great way to spare your cat the stress of moving around a lot within a short period of time.

Dedicated pet sitting services

In case you can´t or do not want to ask a relative or friend, you can also consider using a dedicated pet sitting service. Through companies like Holidog you can find a cat sitter near you as easily as if you were asking friends or family. Booking a pet sitter guarantees you and your cat a relaxing vacation for a good price. Your cat can stay at home in his familiar environment and will enjoy his time while waiting for your return. Browse our database and easily find the cat sitter suitable to you and your cat’s needs.

We take pride in carefully selecting all of our sitters to ensure a high-quality service. Before finalising your booking, we recommend you chat with the pet sitter to make sure that you really trust them with your cat. Don’t hesitate to ask for regular photo and video updates to let you know how your cat is doing.

Pet sitting costs

The compensation for the cat sitter are transparently visible on the profiles of the various pet sitters. The more experience the pet sitter has, the higher the price will generally be. That being said, prices are usually still much lower than for a cattery or cat hotel, regardless of the pet sitter´s experience. Just start a search in your area from our home page and see for yourself!

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