Cat sitting: how it works

Using a cat sitter today has never been easier. Using a cat sitting service is practical, personal, fast and economic. Whether you have a business trip, a long planned vacation or need to leave town unexpectedly, using a cat sitter will give you peace of mind. Your cat will be in good hands.

Why turn to cat sitting?

While cats are relatively independent animals that can live on their own, it's not advisable to leave your pet alone for days at a time. Of course he needs to eat, so who is going to provide him his meals? He might get bored, so who is going to play with him? He might need medication, who is going to administer it? Using a cat sitter gives you the opportunity to guarantee your cat its basic needs and more.

You can choose between several services. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you - and your cat - best!

Visiting your cat

This solution is for those cats who prefer to stay in their own home but do not need constant company. This option generally works very well for felines, as they are usually independent but territorial animals. They don't really enjoy leaving their familiar environment but can often spend hours alone, chasing insects, scratching the couch or just lounging the day away.

The idea is that the cat sitter comes to your house for a specific amount of time. He makes sure your cat is in good health, cleans his litter box, changes his water and feeds him. If your cat is the shy type, a home visit is still a viable option. He will be able to hide until the "intruder" completes his mission and then regain possession of his territory.

Cat sitting at home

Second possibility: the cat sitter comes to your home for several days to take care of your cat. He lives in your home with your cat. Again, this is an excellent solution for cats who enjoy their home, but who also love company and are sociable. Because the cat sitter stays with you, he can more easily spot possible problems with your cat and act much faster.

A small disadvantage for people who like to keep their privacy: you have to open the doors of your home to a stranger and have full confidence in him.

Cat sitting with a host family

Finally, you can choose to entrust your cat to the cat sitter's home. Your cat must be able to adapt to its new and unfamiliar environment. This solution will therefore not suit all cats: only the most sociable ones will feel comfortable in a new environment with unfamiliar humans.

Cat sitting with a host family has the advantage of not having to give the keys to your home to a stranger. While not a very common choice for most cat owners, it is still a great way to keep your cat surrounded by animal lovers while you are not there.


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Important cat sitting precautions

Leaving your cat in the care of a stranger should not be taken lightly. His safety and well being is at stake. You need to take the time to choose the right person so that you can sleep soundly while you're away.

How to choose the right cat sitter?

Today, finding a cat sitting services near you is very easy. But how can you be sure you are making the right choice when booking a cat sitter? Call on Holidog, the number one cat sitting service in Australia. Holidog guarantees you quality cat sitters, handpicked by us. We only use passionate people who love cats and would do everything to take care of them in the best possible way. We validate their profiles manually according to various criteria to keep only the best ones.

Once on our site, you will be able to view profiles, compare evaluations and prices with complete freedom and transparency. You will also be able to contact the cat sitters directly to ask them any questions you may have before making your choice.

Preparing for the cat sitting adventure

Once you've made your choice, you can start preparations. It is very important that you talk to your cat sitter about your cat. Describe his or her character, habits and food preferences.

If your cat is ill or has a medical condition, don't forget to describe its treatment: dosage, method of administration and frequency. Also remember to list the possible complications so that the cat sitter can contact your vet in time. Leave the number of your vet so that the cat sitter can easily contact him in case of a problem. Also give your cat's health record so that he can consult it should the need arise.

If you are placing your cat with a host family, always remember to check their home. Is it secure? Would your cat have outside access? Do other animals live in the house? If so, will your feline be able to handle them? All these questions are of extreme importance to guarantee the smooth running of your cat's stay!

How much does cat sitting cost?

It is relatively difficult to give an exact price for a cat sitter, as rates vary according to several criteria. For example, prices for cat sitting in Sydney or Melbourne are higher than in other areas of the country and higher in urban areas than in the countryside. The reservation period also affects the rates. Typical holiday seasons usually drive up cat sitting prices.

The cat sitter´s experience also influences the price. The more experienced he is, the higher the rate. On average, you can expect to pay around 10-15 dollars per day per cat. The good news is that with Holidog, you can quickly see the prices that each of our cat sitters ask. No matter your budget, you will find a cat sitter that you can afford. A final piece of advice though: beware of prices that seem to good to be true! They often are.

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