Pet sitters are professional caretakers who look after pets while they’re owners are absent. This can happen in the owner’s or the pet sitter’s home, depending on the owner’s preference and last for a few hours a day to weeks or even months. It’s the best way to make sure that a pet is in good hands during vacation.

How does it work?

Through Holidog, you can book different pet sitting services. We offer in-home pet sitting, dig and cat boarding as well as dog walking or cat visits. Simply select the service that you are looking for and get in touch with people in your area. If you are wondering how to become a pet sitter yourself, make sure to visit our website and find out!

Benefits of choosing a pet sitter

They offer all the advantages of kennels without the cons! Your pet won’t have to share its environment with other, unfamiliar pets and people. It will be cared for by someone you know and trust and will get all the attention it deserves all while staying in a friendly, homely environment. Also, pet sitting is usually cheaper and much more affordable than kennels.

Costs to consider

Rates for pet sitting can vary between $A20 to $A40 a day. They are influenced by factors such as the length of the stay and the sitter’s experience. Prices can also be more expensive if more pets need to be cared for. Through Holidog, you can easily find the person that fits your budget and expectations.


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Make sure to find the perfect match

Selecting a good match for your cat or dog can take a while. Keep in mind that you are looking for someone you will have to trust with your pets. They should be responsible and put your pet’s safety first. If you decide to book someone through Holidog, you can get in touch with animal lovers near you in a few clicks. We make sure to screen our pet sitters carefully and review profiles before registering them on our website. You can find all the relevant information on each profile and make an informed choice. Feel free to chat with as many pet sitters as you like before finalising your booking.

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You should always make sure that the person you are entrusting your pet to is insured. Find out if they have third-party liability insurance and consider getting extra insurance for the stay in case of accidents or possible damages.

You would love to be a pet sitter?

Pet sitting is not only fun but also rewarding! Doing something you love while earning money is every pet lover’s dream job. Especially students and retirees with some time on their hands can benefit from spending time with pets in their area. Find out how to get started as a pet sitter in Australia!

The Holivet guarantee offers full coverage for your animal in the event of an accident.

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