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An enthusiastic animal lover

Hi! My name is Clo. I am from Spain and recently moved to Perth. Much to my misfortune, I can't commit to own a doggy at the moment as I mi...

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Pet Haven

I am currently a student living with my parents. I've had pets my entire life growing up and have learned to care for them because of this. ...

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A lot of love for dogs

I am a dogs lover. i have a 6 years old little pug whose love to eat, play and sleep. Even though, he always has his walk twice a day. ...

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Exceptional 24/7 Care

I am currently studying animal care online and would love to have some experience by dog sitting/walking. I have a love for all dogs big an...


High Wycombe

Love of all animals

I love all animals especially dogs and I have owned dogs all my life but do not have any pets at the moment due to renting accommodation :-...


Join us ! we are more than 1,600,000 in the Holidog family around our passion for animals.



Love for our best friends

Ola My friends, I've been in Perth for almost a month and already feel extremely part of this wonderful city, to have the opportunity to spe...

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Maida Vale

Merry Hound Pet Services

Hi my name is Claire, I have been a Pet Sitter since 2014. Pet sitting is family run we all get involved. We have a family dog of our own...

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Seville Grove

Happy, healthy dogs

I have loved animals from a very young age. I have a caring heart and a passion for animal welfare. We have three dogs of our own. Whippets ...

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Paradise for dogs

My motivation for pet sitting is that i have a great passion for animals i always have. I have been around dogs my whole life helping to car...

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Hi, I'm Gautier, a french boy Here are some informations about me : - I miss my dog in France and it is with great pleasure th...

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I love animal plain and simply! I've grown up around all kinds of animal ranging from house pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and rats but ...

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I've always been motivated by the desire to do a good job at whatever position I'm in. I want to excel and to be successful in my job, both ...

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Experienced and devoted petsitter

I'm an experienced pet sitter looking for more work. My family used to own two big irish setters so I love being around animals - especially...



Animal Science Student

I am from Singapore, and I am a student here. Studying here made me apart from my dogs back in Singapore and I miss them. On the other hand,...

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Passionate vet student, dog lover

My name is Julie and I am a 19 year old international student enrolled in the school of Veterinary and life sciences at Murdoch University. ...

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Bull Creek

Lover of all Pets

My name is Braydee and I am currently studying at university. I am looking for part-time/casual work where duties include caring for and wal...

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Priority Paws Pet Sitting

Animals have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. Growing up in a household that has always been full of pets my passion for an...

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Holiday for Dogs or any animals

Hello My name is Morgan Campbell and i am a 21 year old female. I work usually 2-3 times a week but have the rest of the week spare to care ...

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I am an exchange student from the states who loves and misses her dogs from home. To fill this void, I thought what better way then to be a ...

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I've always loved animals and have had pets my whole life. I love taking my dog for walks everyday and keeping him happy and healthy at home...

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Growing up on a farm seems to set this automatic love for animals, especially dogs. With being surrounded by at least 2 dogs and 2 cats most...

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Broadway Nedlands

My Name is Jack and I love animals with a passion and grew up with dogs my whole life. Im a very friendly and active guy who enjoys keeping ...

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Loving pets

I absolutely love animals, and I used to have a lots at home in my country, mostly dogs, cats, birds and fishes ! Unfortunately, I'm far fro...

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I am University student in Perth, before I came, I lived in Hong Kong, and there are 8 pets in my house, including 4dogs and 4 cats. I love ...

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Broadway Nedlands

Hello, My name is Phil van Heugten and i'm a 25 year old dutch male living in perth for half a year with my girlfriend. I would like to t...

Your dog doesn’t like staying in a kennel? Find a dog sitter instead!

At, we know that leaving your dog behind is not easy when you have to be away - be it for the day or for a week. We also know that not all dogs thrive in kennels. That’s why we make it easy for you to find a trusted dog sitter in Ardross. We carefully review all the applications we receive and only select dog sitters who have the right level of experience and a genuine love of dogs. We also make sure that your dog will stay in a safe environment and that he will receive all the care and attention it is used to.

How does it work?

Whether you’re looking for a dog walking service, a dog daycare or a dog boarding, you can easily find the right dog sitter on Holidog. Visit our website and enter your postcode to see all trusted dog sitters available in Ardross.

Chat for free with 5-star dog sitters in Ardross

We know that finding the perfect dog sitter doesn’t happen in a finger snap. That’s why Holidog lets you chat for free with as many dog sitters as you need to until you find the right one. Ask them all the questions you may have or share important details about your dog. For extra peace of mind, we recommend meeting with the dog sitter in person to make sure s/he’s a good fit.

How much does it cost?

A dog sitter is the cheapest of all dog sitting options. The prices for a dog sitter in Ardross vary depending on your exact location, the level of experience, your dog’s size and needs, and the dog sitting service you’re looking for. Dog sitters mention their rates on their profile, so it’s easy for you to know exactly how much you’ll be paying. And there are no hidden fees.

Calling all dog lovers!

Do you love dogs? Do you have some experience in taking care of them? Would you like to turn your passion for dogs into a flexible job that fits around your existing schedule? Then why not become a dog sitter in Ardross with Holidog? To know more about our dog sitter recruiting process and how to register, please visit our website.

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