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Connect with caring 41 pet sitters in Alison (2259) and find the right person to look after your pets. Holidog Australia helps pet parents find loving home environments for dogs and cats in or near Alison (2259). Better than dog boarding kennels and catteries!

Jenny B. Premium

Bilgola Plateau

Passionate Animal Carer

I am a passionate animal lover that has had my own pets including, dogs, horses and birds since a small child. I attended puppy school and b...



Sit your paws

Have you ever wanted to go on holidays but you have animals?Or have a emergency and need to leave ASAP? Why not hire me to looking after you...

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Reliable Dog Carer

Loving pet family who has pets of there own. I have two beautiful dogs of my own, a Bichon frise, shih tzu cross Bichon frise. My dogs are m...

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A New Lifestyle

I am a busy Mum of 2 gorgeous little girls, that keep their Mummy on their toes. I do not get much for myself at the moment. I have decided ...

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Berkeley Vale

Furry Friendly Happiness

To whom it may concern, I'm Amelia Brooks and I'm always up to looking after your pet while you're on a holiday, working, going out for t...

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Danni pet sitting

Have you ever wanted to go on holidays but you have animals?Or have a emergency and need to leave ASAP? Why not hire me to looking after you...

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Veterinary Nurse & Pet Sitter

Hello! My name is Tegan, and I am a 28 year old Veterinary Nurse. I work in a Veterinary Hospital on the Central Coast. I have been pet s...

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Crazy about pets!!

To put it simply, I love pets! I've been around pets my whole life but no longer have any dogs, and really miss having them in my life. That...

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Happy Days

Hi, I'm a 62 years young, live on my own. I had a small farm with 20 goats, 2 cows, 3 dogs. More then any thing in this world I miss my baby...

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Avoca Beach

Beachfront Dog Lover

Living right on the seafront at Avoca Beach it seems a crying shame not to have a dog to explore the area with! I'm currently job hunting so...

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Safe and loving environment.

As a dog owner I know how difficult it is to leave my precious girls with someone else when it's holiday time. And asking friends and neighb...

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Responsible animal lover

Your pet is a part of your family and you have to be able to trust who is going to be looking after your pet while you cannot. You can trust...

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Cameron Park

Dogs spot for gettin' love alot !

I've had my dog for 9 yrs this year and without her I definetly wouldn't have been here today ! When I had lost a best friend , friends were...

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Loving care for your fur babies.

My name is Lianne, and I am available for dog walking, holiday care in your home and day care. I am experienced with all types of dogs, incl...

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Karen's Animal Care Service

I am very passionate about animals and would love to care for your pet/s when you are unable to. I am available to care for your loved ones...

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Puppy playtime

I have had pets all my life and i adore their company! I spend a lot of time at home studying so i would love the opportunity to get outside...


Booker Bay

Dog lover

I really love dogs and all kind of animals! They bring happiness. I would love to play and have fun with your dog. But if your dog prefer to...

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I'm interested in starting a career becoming a vet tech, and before I start the necessary steps I would like to have more experience with ha...

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Pet Care at your home

Everybodys situation is different and we pride ourselves on being flexible enough to meet your particular needs within your budget. We can...

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Your pets perfect getaway!

Animals of all types have always been a big part of my life. Every single pet is precious, and to be able to provide a luxurious period of t...

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Ajai and friends

Hi My name is Natasha, I am 20 years old and have a friendly dog named Ajai. Ajai needs some friends and I also love working with other anim...

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Caves Beach

relax and enjoy - as your pet will!

With a love for all animals, i can ensure a loving, safe, friendly environment for your pet to stay while you're away. We have a secured yar...

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my motivatoins: i am a current owner of a 5 year old chihuahua that i love to death. i have multiple other dogs but due to complications hav...

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Palm Beach

Pet Pamperer

I am a professional housesitter so I am only looking for assignments where I will stay in your home and look after your house and pet(s). I ...

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Quality Pet Service

I have previously worked in a Pet Parlour for 4 years and loved it. I have great knowledge and experience with animals and their behaviour a...

Your dog doesn’t like staying in a kennel? Find a dog sitter instead!

At, we know that leaving your dog behind is not easy when you have to be away - be it for the day or for a week. We also know that not all dogs thrive in kennels. That’s why we make it easy for you to find a trusted dog sitter in Alison. We carefully review all the applications we receive and only select dog sitters who have the right level of experience and a genuine love of dogs. We also make sure that your dog will stay in a safe environment and that he will receive all the care and attention it is used to.

How does it work?

Whether you’re looking for a dog walking service, a dog daycare or a dog boarding, you can easily find the right dog sitter on Holidog. Visit our website and enter your postcode to see all trusted dog sitters available in Alison.

Chat for free with 5-star dog sitters in Alison

We know that finding the perfect dog sitter doesn’t happen in a finger snap. That’s why Holidog lets you chat for free with as many dog sitters as you need to until you find the right one. Ask them all the questions you may have or share important details about your dog. For extra peace of mind, we recommend meeting with the dog sitter in person to make sure s/he’s a good fit.

How much does it cost?

A dog sitter is the cheapest of all dog sitting options. The prices for a dog sitter in Alison vary depending on your exact location, the level of experience, your dog’s size and needs, and the dog sitting service you’re looking for. Dog sitters mention their rates on their profile, so it’s easy for you to know exactly how much you’ll be paying. And there are no hidden fees.

Calling all dog lovers!

Do you love dogs? Do you have some experience in taking care of them? Would you like to turn your passion for dogs into a flexible job that fits around your existing schedule? Then why not become a dog sitter in Alison with Holidog? To know more about our dog sitter recruiting process and how to register, please visit our website.

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