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I am a 25 yo who has just recently decided on a career change. I am now studying via correspondence and have a lot of free time. I am an abs...

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Newcastle Walking Delight

Having moved to Newcastle at the beginning of the year, I simply love to get out exploring the city and surrounds on foot. Being an avid pet...

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Newcastle Doglover

Hi my name is Cristina. I am from east Europe from the country Romania. I have moved to Newcastle with my partner to start our life together...

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Newcastle All dogs welcome

I'm a British dog lover that moved to Australia a month ago, before I moved I owned a beautiful mini Dachshund who I sadly had to sell. I ha...

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Newcastle Avid pet walker & animal enthusiast

From an early age I've been around animals: Farm animals, house pets, fish, mice, birds & reptiles. We've always had a big zoo of a househol...


With our GoNanny service, you can easily find a nanny for your dog. This day care service by a dogsitter will rid your dog of boredom during your long working day. If your dog is sociable you can give him to a nanny who looks after other dogs at the same time, furthermore you will save money. The Nanny will look after your dog and he will be able to play, go on walks and cuddle all day long.

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