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I am a 25 yo who has just recently decided on a career change. I am now studying via correspondence and have a lot of free time. I am an abs...

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Newcastle Walking Delight

Having moved to Newcastle at the beginning of the year, I simply love to get out exploring the city and surrounds on foot. Being an avid pet...

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Newcastle Doglover

Hi my name is Cristina. I am from east Europe from the country Romania. I have moved to Newcastle with my partner to start our life together...

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Newcastle All dogs welcome

I'm a British dog lover that moved to Australia a month ago, before I moved I owned a beautiful mini Dachshund who I sadly had to sell. I ha...

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Newcastle Avid pet walker & animal enthusiast

From an early age I've been around animals: Farm animals, house pets, fish, mice, birds & reptiles. We've always had a big zoo of a househol...


Don’t have much time to walk your dog? Call upon a dog walker with Holidog. The walk will allow your dog to run around while you are away. You can choose the frequency of the walks; they will be carried out in your neighbourhood or in a surrounding park. After all, the best way to make your dog happy is to walk them.

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